10 Clothing Items Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear

10 Clothing Items Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear

10 Clothing Items Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear : When it comes to clothing, women are normally praised for taking fashion risks outside of their comfort zone. But, when other men do it, they are often judged by the appearance of their masculinity as well as their sexuality. That can also drive other men away from the idea of going out of their comfort zone with their wardrobe. However, we are reaching a point in fashion where certain articles of clothing are becoming more gender-neutral than before. And, if you take more risks, you start to care less about what other people think, which can skyrocket your confidence. Even though some risky clothing items are found in most women’s sections, that doesn’t always mean that item is made for women. Below are 10 of the diciest clothing items men shouldn’t be afraid to wear.

1. Hats

Yes, baseball hats and beanies may be stylish, but those everyday styles are still within the comfort zone. And guys, that is not what this article is about. It’s about taking risks and owning up your confidence. I’m not saying fedoras or trilbys are for everyone, because that’s not always the case, though it can be. Even something as simple as a flat cap can look stylish on anyone. Or, you could always take some inspiration from actor Johnny Depp, who is probably one of the most stylish icons over the past couple of decades, with a hat with a wider brim.

2. Scarves

You’d be surprised how manly this clothing item really is. Going back to the days of World War I, soldiers would wear scarves to keep warm and prevent chafing from their uniforms. They also would be used to diversify soldiers for certain duties, even in today’s times. That itself proves that scarves really are for everyone. They come in so many different patterns and fabrics, depending on the style you’re trying to go for. And the possibilities of how they can be worn are almost endless.

3. Kilts/Skirts

Most of the time, when people think of skirts for men, they think of bagpipe players in Scotland with their nice shoes and knee socks. Though it is one of the places where it’s most popular culturally, it’s one of those articles of clothing that can just as easily blend into your normal style. As rare as it is, men with an edgier style have been seeing rocking it over something as simple as a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket.

4. Crop Tops

Going back to the beautiful human that is Johnny Depp, crop tops were first made in the 1970’s “by men for men” before taking off in the 1980s. This was when retailers like Nike made the cropped jersey reach its peak, as seen by JD in the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street. To this day, though it has died down since the crop revolution, it’s still just as fashionable for men. And, it doesn’t even have to be a drastic crop, either. It can be as subtle as a few inches from the bottom

5. Bold Colors & Patterns

Imagine one of those colors like blue or dark red as the shade for your next suit. It can say to someone “I can be classy and subtle, but I want to make a statement.” Whether it’s for a wedding, a meeting, or at some social outing, it’s something any guy can pull off.  And, it doesn’t have to be a suit either. Such bold colors can even be found on a collared shirt at the department store. Hell, even keep an eye out for a collared shirt with evert single pattern imaginable.

 10 Clothing Items Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear
10 Clothing Items Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wear

6. Vests

And yet, another reason why suits can just as easily be made a regular thing for you to go out in. the fabric of the vest is totally up to you, whether you prefer a combat vest, sweater, denim, leather, or tweed. If you wish to spice it up a little more, or if you don’t feel like wearing a suit with it, you could always add a small chain to go across, giving it that right amount of flair.

7. Derby Shoes

This standard dress shoe looks just as great with a suit as it does with a pair of light jeans or a long jacket. Either way, it gives any look that dapper touch that everyone needs once in a while.

8. Blazer/Sports Coats

Who cares if you come across as a sports announcer? This item has its way of shaping your shoulders and midsection, can make you look two inches taller, and can add class to any situation. You don’t even need sharp trousers to pull off this classic article of clothing. Something as simple as black jeans will do the trick.

9. Suit Shorts

This is a rather bold fashion statement to make the next time you want to wear a suit. In fact, it is sure to make it easier to wear them on a hot day, or if you want to make the formal set a normal daily thing. You don’t even have to wear them with a suit if they’re too much to wear every day.

10. Handbags

We get it, guys. You have gigantic pockets in your jeans. Believe me, it’s something that most girls envy about you. But, again, handbags aren’t just a woman’s accessory anymore. It can be beneficial for everyone if the stuff you carry around is not enough to take a whole backpack, but it can’t all fit in your pockets either. they’re convenient, and can go with any style, whether you’re going for a cleaner cut look or want to keep it casual. Another reason why I’m glad we’re in a time where some accessories are becoming more neutral.


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