8 Men Outfit Ideas For That Date With Her

Men Outfit Ideas For That Date With Her

8 Men Outfit Ideas For That Date With Her : Appearance is a key component when on a date, which means your outfit choice needs to be on point. And with these men outfit ideas, you will have her looking at you like the last piece of candy available in the store.

But, remember, a good appearance gives off a good impression but a great personality leaves a great impression.

1. Black Denim Jacket

Keep it cool and casual but edgy with a black denim jacket paired with a classic white or black scoop neck t-shirt and black skinny or straight-leg jeans. Whether it’s the first, second or third date, you can never go wrong with keeping it cool (but not too cool, don’t want to come off as a jerk). The outfit is made for the coffee or movie date. And if she gets cold, you can be the hero to lend her the jacket and maybe earn a kiss. There’s nothing wrong with a man looking sexy and edgy. After all, what woman wouldn’t want a John Bender?

2. Plaid Shirt

Don’t be afraid to ride the plaid train. People may consider it boring but it’s only boring when you don’t play with it. Go for the hot barista look by wearing your favorite band t-shirt under the open plaid shirt with some dark jeans, combat boots and beanie to give you a mysterious guy look. She may want to open you like a book.

You could also go for the lumberjack look by leaving a few of the top buttons open, revealing your manly chest, and wear blue jeans and cowboy or brown boots. This says you know how to handle your wood really well. Other ideas include tucking it in or tying it around your waist.

It’s another casual outfit for men to wear on a date to the movies, loud restaurants, or small coffee shops.

3. Suit Vest

You might have that nice dress shirt hanging in the back of your closet because you don’t know what to do with it. Well, guess what? It’s okay to dress up for a date. In fact, dressing up speaks highly of you. So, why not give the best impression? Put on that dress shirt and dress pants (iron it first).

You could go for the typical suit jacket, but why not show off your broad arms with a suit vest? Women like it when a man wears a suit vest because it makes them look more open and engaging. Wear any color dress shirt with black slacks, and matching tie, along with the black suit vest. If Chuck Bass can pull it off, so can you.

This is perfect for a dinner date at a nice restaurant.

Suit Vest


4. Casual Chinos

For those who aren’t into the professional look for a date, then ditch the suit vest and suit jacket and go bare, meaning stick with the dress shirt and chino pants. A suit is sexy but when the man takes the jacket and tie off, unbutton a couple of the top buttons and tuck it into some khaki chinos, it’s sexier and casual. Pick any dress shirt color and wear with khaki chinos. Make sure you roll up your sleeves and add a pair of shades to top off that cool look.

The outfit itself screams “Let’s get a drink and right after we can go dancing.”

5. Polka Dot Dress Shirt

Polka dots are known to be worn during the summertime, especially around the beach or pool. So, your date with her by the pool or beach needs to have polka dots. And the perfect men outfit idea for the beach or pool date would be a polka dot dress shirt, khaki shorts, and some dark sunglasses. The outfit is the perfect summer outfit for men and great for dates. Plus, people are more likely to wear lighter clothing when they are near the beach or pool.

Drive her imagination wild by rolling up the sleeves, leaving the bottom and the top two buttons open (exposing your chest a little), and keeping the shirt untucked. She will want to see all you’re hiding under those polka dots.

6. Polo

Your date doesn’t necessarily need to be in an intimate and quiet place, it can be the exact opposite. And what’s the exact opposite? Sporting events. Look attractive on your date at a game with a nice polo shirt of any color and a nice pair of blue jeans or khaki shorts. Avoid wearing a hat, show off that amazing head of hair you have. And if you’re bald, well embrace it. Confidence is sexy. Another thing that’s sexy is letting your chest breathe, so avoid buttoning (even though there are only three buttons).

7.  Black Leather Jacket

Women love a leather jacket. We love Rob Lowe as Sodapop in The Outsiders, John Travolta as Danny in Grease, and Ian Somerhalder as the infamous Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries. We love and remember these men because of how hot they looked in their leather jackets. And she will think the same about you. A leather jacket is like adding bacon to everything, makes it even better.

This summer, try wearing a sleeveless top and jeans with the leather jacket and shades. Hello, hot stuff.


8. Tuxedo

For those who enjoy the high-class dates like benefit dinners, galas, or opera shows, break out the tuxedo. You’re no ordinary tie guy, you’re the classic bowtie type because you are all about looking smooth. For this high-class date, show her what it’s like to be the arm candy for you, James Bond.

It’s your choice on whether you want to button all of the buttons or just button one. As for your shoe option, you can always stick to the most popular shoe choice for tuxedos which is the black patent leather oxfords. You’ll look like a brand new car to her, something she will want to drive every day and every night.



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