Top 10 Looks For Men: Summer 2020

Top 10 Looks For Men: Summer 2020

Top 10 Looks For Men: Summer 2020  : looks for men are rarely talked about, but not this summer! Here’s our list of the top 10 best looks for men this season.

1)  Volcom Chino Shorts

When trying to find the best looks for men in summer, the first thing that comes to mind is a great pair of shorts. With these Volcom Chino shorts, you have the best of both worlds between comfort and style. Great quality fabric combined with impressionable color option allows you to look your best while you are still looking absolutely stylish. Plus, given the nature of these shorts, even on those days pushing a hundred degrees, you still be able to maintain your composure and stay cool.

2) Bonobos Chino Shorts

This particular option when finding looks for men comes in a stretch washed variety. If you aren’t sure what this means, it means that the shorts have more of a worn feeling to them-In a good way! These shorts won’t feel slick or sliding like some athletic shorts, the fabric will be noticeable and sturdy. furthermore, many customers have written reviews that despite being substantial and sturdy, the shorts are fine for athletic activities as well. These are quite appreciable to any and all body types making them very versatile.

 Top 10 Looks For Men: Summer 2020

3) H&M Slim Fit Denim Shorts

Now for all those denim lovers out there, not to worry, there are still some looks for men out there this summer that will cater to that desire. There’s not much to say when it comes to the appeal with these shorts, its denim-whats not to like? But on the more specific side, these jeans fit well and have plenty of style and trend to them. They will be sure to keep you looking stylish this summer while being able to have that more direct feeling, rather than bothering with cloth or cotton shorts.

4) H&M Classic Sweatshorts

If you’re looking for more of a comfortable feel opposed to practical or specified-these will be the shorts for you. With the length of these shorts being longer than are other currently listed looks for men, you’ll definitely get more of a casual feeling from these while still keeping your look intact. Obviously, though, it being summer and the heat being apparent on certain days this number might be a little bit too dense for you. So keep that in mind when considering this option for your list of looks for men this summer.

5) Uniqlo Crewneck T-Shirt

Now we’re moving into shirts for your looks for men this summer, and let me tell you, we have some great options for you this year. With this shirt what you’re saying to the world is that you’re comfortable but you have control. It somehow promoting the feeling of comfortability and professionalism while being nothing more than a t-shirt. The materials are quality and will be sure to keep you cool in the summer heat while still feeling substantial and not overly thin like some summer shirts seem to get.

6) Bonobos Riviera Shirt

When looking for variety when it comes to looks for men, this is the shirt for you. A nice crisp collard shirt with any number of patterns and colors for you to choose from with this style of shirt. So with this summer look you’ve got variety and versatility should you choose to pick up a couple different options of this shirt. The material is a little bit on the dense side given that its more of a dress shirt sort of vibe, but its still breathable enough to not sweat you out in the hot summer sunlight. Just be sure to consider what else you have in your wardrobe to go along with this shirt so that you can color match with the rest of your stylish clothes.

7) Linen Button Up Shirt

If you want a relaxed and breathable dress shirt that makes you look like you should be on a beach, then this is a great option amongst our other looks for men. A noticeable sturdy weave pattern with this shirt makes it seem sturdy and classy while still look stylish. While this shirt has more of a relaxed vibe coming off of it, it still has the look of a button-up shirt that can be worn to a relaxed business casual event while still feeling fun enough and show off some of your best colors.

8) Slim-Fit Long Sleeve Denim Shirt

Denim again! Much like the shorts listed up above, this is definitely a dense number that may be a bit much on those extra hot days in summer. However, this shirt is fitted incredibly well and is sure to give you a great feeling of putting it on. The denim is substantial while still being manipulable enough to give you a feeling of sturdy comfort.

9) Common Projects Achilles Low

Alright, now don’t think I forgot about some shoe options for our list of looks for men this summer. If you’re looking for a nice and light shoe to walk around without feeling overburdened or your feet being on fire. These are the shoes for you. Stylish, modernized, and a classic look in stark white which is sure to collect that summer son and make you pop in the summer weather. However, this option is a bit more on the pricy side given the quality of the product and just how stylish these shoes will be this summer. Style at your own risk.

10) Vans Old Skool

If you want something a little more affordable while still being great, Vans Old Skool’s are the way to go. A classic sneaker design that pops with contrasting black and white overlay that is sure to go well with any outfit. Plus, whereas the Achilles might look a bit over the top should the summer day turn to a party kind of night, these shoes have a much more appreciable style no matter what time of day it is.


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