Outfits to Wear According To Your Personality Type

Outfits to Wear According To Your Personality Type

Outfits to Wear According To Your Personality Type : Finding outfits to wear can be extremely difficult as a man. We’re not known for our sense of fashion, but if you need help, I got you.

First, you need to know your personality type and dress accordingly. Let’s make it interesting, shall we? All these outfits are from GQ so you know they’re legit.

ISTJ-The Inspector

At first glance, this personality type appears serious, formal, and proper. They are very rooted in tradition and old-school values that harken back to hard work, cultural responsibility, and honor.

The letters stand for, introvert, sensing, thinking, and judging. You are focused on concrete facts and data which makes you an excellent analyst.

Because of this, I’m gonna put you in a killer pinstripe suit with a contrast collar and polka dot skinny tie to channel boss level vibes.

 Outfits to Wear According To Your Personality Type
Outfits to Wear According To Your Personality Type

INFJ-The Counselor

The INFJ personality types are typically idealists and visionaries that tend to let their creative imagination run wild. They have a profound way of viewing the world at large.

The letters stand for, introvert, intuitive, feeling, and judging. You guys are creative and artistic which means you’re going to have a phenomenal sense of style.

So I’m going to put you in a fly ass burgundy turtle neck with a dope trench coat you can wear in perfect weather.


INTJ-The Mastermind

You guys are introverted, which means that you are quiet, reserved, and very comfortable with being alone. You guys are filled with disdain at the thought of socializing as it often drains you of your energy.

The letters stand for, introvert, intuitive, thinking, thinking, and judging. You are insightful and understand new ideas rather quickly.

Of the outfits to wear, your’s will be very monochromatic and give off the “don’t talk to me” vibe that matches your personality. Match your pants to this gorgeous waterproof parka.

ENFJ-The Giver

You guys are extroverted and love to talk. You are focused on people and interacting with them. Idealistic, charismatic, and outspoken, you typically rely on intuition and feelings.

The letters stand for, extrovert, intuitive, feeling, and judging. Your personality is swelled with charisma so I’m going to put you in something extravagant.

There’s nobody more charismatic than ASAP Rocky so for casual Friday, opt for a sport-coat and side stripe track pants, and of course the classic Stan Smith sneakers.

I would go for the white and navy combination because it looks way cleaner. Throw in a lightweight sweater underneath for added texture.

ISTP-The Craftsman

You guys are mysterious people that are typically logical and very rational. You can also be spontaneous which makes it hard for people to gauge what your reaction would be in any given situation.

You can be optimistic, generous, and above all else, fair. Like your nickname states, you are technically capable and work well with your hands. Being able to take things apart, simply to understand how they work is deeply rooted in your personality.

With that being said, I want to put you in something that shows you get work done, and look fly as hell doing it. A nice pair of coveralls or overalls with a rugged white t-shirt and a floral printed dress shirt.

Don’t forget your boots, the more rugged the better. Notice how I said rugged and not torn to absolute shreds.

ESFJ-The Provider

You guys are the stereotypical extroverts in that you are social butterflies. In other words, you never shut the hell up. Your need to interact with other people tends to make you the most popular one in the room.

The letters stand for, extrovert, sensing, feeling, and judging. Since you’ll be the coolest guy in the room, I’m going to put you in something even cooler.

Nobody in tennis is cooler than Bjorn Borg, so ditch the wristbands, but keep the bright orange track jacket. It matches your personality.

INFP-The Idealist

You guys do not like to talk about yourselves at all, and this is especially true when you meet a new person. You like to spend time in comfortable, serene places that are isolated.

This particular personality type likes to analyze signs and symbols. The letters stand for, introverts, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving.

ESFP- The Performer

ESFPs were born to be in front of others and to capture the stage, suffice to say they adore the spotlight. You are lively, fun and enjoy being the center of attention.

You have a high and intense energy that makes it easy for you to be around people. The letters stand for, extravert, sensing, feeling, and perceiving.

Since you’re a performer, you need to be in something that says, “rockstar” and Miguel channels this look very well.

Ditch the tie and throw a Hawaiian shirt underneath your sexiest black suit and get the best pair of loafers you can find.

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