Best jeans for men: from skinny fit to wide leg

Best jeans for men: from skinny fit to wide leg

Best jeans for men: from skinny fit to wide leg : Those dark indigo selvedge jeans hanging in your wardrobe are superb, but there’s a whole new wave of denim out there. Here’s GQ’s pick of the best new denim for your 2020 everyday look.

Jeans are probably one of the most important investments you’ll make when it comes to your wardrobe. You might have a job for which you wear them every single day or you might have to slip them on after you’ve slipped off your nine-to-five suit. Either way, they’re an item you’ll wear more than any other you own.

However, over the past decade something funny has happened to jeans. As their status as the workhorse of a man’s armoury became cemented, they also became something of a starting point to an outfit, as opposed to the stars. The beauty of jeans is that they are a superb canvas upon which to build the rest of your getup.

Now, brands are bringing jeans back to their rightful place at front and centre, with designers getting more creative about cuts, colours and washes. That’s not only good news for men who want to think outside the classic indigo box, but also for men looking for a fit that slips on a little easier.

So what are your options? At the most wearable end of the spectrum, jeans fall into one of the following categories: straight leg, skinny, boot cut or tapered. What’s the difference? Well, we’re here to tell you, and if you’re feeling inspired, be sure to glean some shopping inspiration from our best jeans picks below.

Straight-leg jeans

This style of jean is for the guy who likes a more classic silhouette. Straight-leg jeans are typically laidback, with room in the seat and thigh, perfect for everyday wear.

Skinny-fit jeans

If you’re after a close-fitting jean that shows off the very shape of your thighs and calves, then a skinny-fit jean is what you’ll be looking for.

Tapered jeans

Perfect for a muscular guy with chunkier thighs, tapered jeans are wider at the top and more drawn in at the bottom. They’re a great middle ground between slim and skinny fit.

Boot-cut jeans

Sure, you’ve probably been told to shy away from boot-cut jeans, but if you’re after a 1970s-style fit à la Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood, then reconsider. With a slimmer thigh and a sharp outward taper at the bottom, pair with a Western-style boot for a real menswear moment.


These are for the days you want to turn off your stylist brain. Wake up, sip a coffee, listen to the birds chirping at your window, nod to the neighbour, put on some sweet, sweet jazz on the record player and start your day the easy way. The classic dark blue wash will make dressing badly a difficult task.


Junya Watanabe

Let’s be honest, your wardrobe has seen a few denim shapes through the years: straight leg, skinny, boot cut, you name it. It’s likely to have never seen the supreme flair of wide-legged, cropped Junya Watanabes. They remind us of the suave Japanese men strolling the fashionable, aseptically clean streets of Daikanyama, Tokyo. It’s hard to think of a more sophisticated cut of denim.


Tommy Jeans

Set aside their cool, simple style and the fact they come from an impressive recent line of Tommy Jeans, this pair is also constructed of 100 per cent recycled cotton. With overconsumption in fashion contributing to a planet-wide problem, this is a commendable step in the right direction towards sustainability (and there’s plenty more where they came from in our eco-friendly jeans guide). Plus, the retro back pocket badge wins the prize for most stylish in the business.



Also fighting the good fight is Arket. Made from organic cotton, a more sustainable farming method to traditional cotton production, these black denim jeans are perfect for the hazy confines of smart-casual dress. A wonderful complement to a candle-lit dinner table for two.



Weekday takes a glance back to the 1980s and 1990s, a veritable denim heyday, and we love it. Constructed from the more sustainable organic cotton, they make for a soft, pleasant and more ecologically friendly wearer experience. Veering just the right side of oversized, these jeans are retro without appearing shabby


Wood Wood

These jeans help bridge the gap between denim’s workwear roots and its modern application for the stylish urbanite. The angular, outline stitching of these jeans are the stuff of Instagram street style fodder. The deep navy colour, the ankle cut and the relaxed fit all make them easy to style and cosy to wear. If purchased (which we highly recommend) they will be a daily joy.

Best jeans for men: from skinny fit to wide leg


These 501s are made from selvedge denim, straight legged and often regarded as “true biker style”. They’ve modernised since their release in 1955 by replacing the leather patch with a jacron paper alternative. Let us just remind ourselves: these are Levi’s. You cannot get more iconic, more heritage, more jeans than a pair of Levi’s.

What are the best jeans for guys with big thighs?

Some of the outstanding top jeans for men with big thighs include Calvin Klein Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans, Levi's Men's 550 Relaxed-Fit Jean and Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Straight-Jean among other brands.


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